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I met them in OHIO

Have you ever met the Conchords? Share your stories here.

by jakealtizer » Wed May 21, 2008 8:16 pm

It was about 4am on a saturday morning in the small town of washington, oh. i was sitting on the side of the small two lane road watching for speeders with my radar gun. old rt. 94. a winding two lane highway that nobody ever traveled on anymore. a perfect place to get a nap.

as i lay back in the front seat of my cruiser, im startled by a giant tour bus blasting by the front of my car. my radar said 90 mph. i didnt think that would have been possible. i flip on my lights and speed in hot pursuit. before i could even catch up to them they were already stopped. they had hit a hitchhiker.

i ran up with my firearm out and yelled freeze. they were already frozen. they had just killed a man. i asked what happened and two guys look over at me in fear. WOW! I said, "your flight of the conchords!!! holy shii i love you guys whens the next season gonna start??

they looked really confused as i explained to them that nobody travels up this road and theres no way im gonna turn in the conchords! so they help me load the guy in my trunk and help me dispose of the body. afterwards they asked if id like some breakfast. i said sure.

we got on the bus and the cook had prepared a delightful breakfast of lucky charms and butter toast. it was delicious. the guys gave me thier email and said to look them up if i ever needed backstage passes. then i got back in my car and drove on home. it was pretty cool.

by step0nmi » Fri May 30, 2008 8:28 am

ha ha ha! you should've posted this into the fan art section because this story is really good ;)

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