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Aziz in Austin!

Have you ever met the Conchords? Share your stories here.

by gezyka » Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:33 am

Aziz in Austin!
...or How I Became an Azizionado. ;D

Dec. 19, 2008

Not sure why it's taken me forever to post this. Sorry about being my usual procrastinating self... Aziz's show was amazing!!! :D

Anyway, I didn't actually find out about it until the FOTC blog about his tour. That's right, I wasn't even friends with Aziz yet, just to give you some perspective. ;) I asked my (fellow FOTC-loving) roommates if they wanted to go up to Austin with me, and they said they did! Then I asked a couple of friends up in Austin if they wanted to go. This was their response:
We watched him on youtube and thought he was pretty funny, but we were on the fence. Then we saw him doing a bit with Tobias (David Cross) and that sealed the deal for us, so we got tickets! Looking forward to it!

They weren't familiar with FOTC, needless to say. So we met them for dinner, then headed over to Emo's. The website said the doors were to open at 8pm, and we got there around 8:30. However, when we opened the door, some man gruffly yelled, "DOORS OPEN AT 9:00!" haha, well excuuuuse us! It was right on the infamous 6th Street, so we just walked around to kill some time. I have really only been to Austin once (properly), and it wasn't at night. Boy, was that an experience! It's all bars and clubs, and they were ALL having drink specials like it was happy hour or something. "Tequila shots - $1.50!" "Any drink you want for $1!" The weirdest thing I saw was a man in his 50s wearing a tan trench coat flashing people, except he was wearing a black bikini (or bra/panties) underneath. He also blew a whistle while doing this...haha. One of my regrets was not getting a video or photo of him.

6th Street:

Alright, so the show. Emo's is a really small venue, which is really nice. No chairs, which is not-so-nice, but I'd rather have a more intimate setting than comfort. This guy named Brendon Walsh opened, and he was pretty funny, but basically went the self-deprecating route. He started cracking 9/11 jokes towards the end, which wasn't too popular with the crowd... Overall, the best part about his act was that Aziz announced him. ;)

So, after Brendon left, Aziz walked up on stage (from the audience!). He asked us to scoot closer because we were about five feet back from the stage After that, I was only about four people away from him. ;D He was much more physical than I thought he'd be, but then again, I hadn't seen very many of his clips.

I don't want to give his stuff away, so I'm not going to go into detail. One of the really funny bits was about his cousin's history class forum. It reminded me a lot of the board! Aziz said he wanted to piss his cousin off, so he went onto the forum and started posting there. Come to our board, Aziz! :D

He told us about the upcoming movie 'Funny People' and how he plays a guy named Randy. Randy is much more inappropriate than Aziz, so he said he wouldn't really want his parents to see the move. Randy also jumps around a ton! haha, he's so cute.

I didn't take any videos, but here are some from his Athens, GA show. They're pretty much exactly the same, so if you're going to one of his shows on this tour and don't want some jokes spoiled, don't watch.

Walking With Dinosaurs:

CVS (SOOO funny)

A Randy clip (starting with Chick Fil-A love...hahaha)

Anyhoo, he was up there for a long time! My face and stomach hurt from laughing SO much. Towards the end, he asked the audience if any of us wanted to hear any jokes. Most of the ones people shouted, he said, "I'm sick of that one." haha. It was really weird because this one girl rushed up to the stage, and I guess she (drunkenly) told him that she also went to NYU and saw him do some shows there. Umm, ok... There was also a guy dressed up like Santa (what?) who said, "Sit on my lap!" to him, but Aziz said, "umm, no...you're pretty drunk!" Oh yeah, throughout the show, there was a guy who kept heckling, and Aziz kept getting annoyed, but dealt with him really well.

Err, not much of a recap...but here are some (poor) photos:





And finally, he invited people to meet him for photos/autographs and also plugged his merchandise. I really wanted to get a picture, but didn't want to be a bother to my friends. Fortunately, they were really nice and encouraged me to go up to him. Rachel said she'd go with me (she knows how nervous/shy I can get), and Josh said he'd take the picture. We didn't have to wait long at all! While standing in line, I kept watching people get pictures with him and the face he'd make. I told Rachel that we should pull similar faces because that would be funny. When it was our turn, we said hi and shook his hand (eee! and very warm, by the way :P), then Rachel asked for a picture. He was really nice and said, "of course!" I was too stupified to say anything else, but at least we got a picture!


I look like a total douche, but I just really hate, hate, hate my hair in that picture. haha. And I'm sad that neither of us did the Aziz face, but oh well. WHY DIDN'T I MOVE MY PURSE TO MY LEFT SHOULDER?? ??? >:( Also, I am slouching a little, so he and I are about the same height (5'6"/167cm). ;D

Anyway, after we got the picture, he told us to check out his DVDs and t-shirts at the table which was basically right next to him. We went over there to not hurt his feelings or feel like we were using him for a picture :P , but neither of us bought anything. But at least I brought four of my friends who wouldn't have known about the show (or him!) in the first place! We all had the best time! He said he was going to come back for SXSW, so I'll totally go see him again if he does. :)

Anyway, that's it. Long post with not much content. :P hahahaha.
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by zombie » Mon Jan 05, 2009 3:47 am

Thanks for the write up! I'm seeing him on the 30th so I'm not goin to watch the videos, but this has definitely made me more excited! <33
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by gezyka » Mon Jan 05, 2009 3:51 am

Yay!!!! Have fun, and do share!! ;D
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by ohjeez » Tue Jan 06, 2009 12:51 am

oh awesome story!

i'm not going to watch the videos in case i do see him in january...

i think the picture of you with aziz is super cute! ;D
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by lixxx » Tue Jan 06, 2009 11:27 pm

gez that is soo awesome!!!
lurve it!!!!!!!!
i didn't watch the clips either, don't want to get spoiled. ;)

great recap!! love the picture!! eeeeeeeeeeee!!!
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by gezyka » Wed Jan 07, 2009 1:00 pm

hehe, thanks guys!! Have fun!! ;D
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