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The Last Family in England

Taika Cohen and Taika Waititi, one and the same overachiever extraordinaire.

by emira » Wed Oct 02, 2013 2:58 pm

New film's coming up! And who's the producer? Brat Pitt and his Plan B Entertainment! :o
The company now is moving forward with projects including an adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates' Marilyn Monroe novel Blonde, with Andrew Dominik (Jesse James) to direct; The Last Family of England, with Taika Waititi directing the story centered on a talking dog;

source: Hollywood Reporter


It's an adaptation of Matt Haig's book The Last Family in England.
The Last Family in England is published in the UK by Vintage. It is called The Labrador Pact in America and is published by Viking/Penguin. Please visit The Labrador Pact website. The movie option has gone to Brad Pitt’s movie company, Plan B/Paramount.

Here’s the original blurb:

Meet Prince, the canine narrator of this tragi-comic tale of family life. As with all Labradors, he has devoted his entire existence to preserving the happiness and security of his human masters. Not that his human masters realise this, of course.

After all, when the Hunter family rescued him, they had no idea that they were the ones who were really being saved. But as events unfold Prince realises he’s got his work cut out. The trouble is that while he has no problem in remembering his duty, the Hunters themselves seem to have greater difficulty remembering theirs.

Of particular concern is Adam Hunter, who forgets his responsibilities as a father and husband when he becomes sexually attracted to a young and flirtatious aromatherapist.

Then there’s Kate, Adam’s wife. As Prince watches her increasingly neurotic behaviour he detects something is wrong and decides to sniff out the source of the trouble. What he eventually discovers is a treacherous secret which could tear Adam, Kate and their two children apart.

The Last Family in England explores the hidden dangers of family life from the perspective of the only family member who gets to see everything – the knee-high, four-legged observer in the corner of the room. Through Prince’s eyes (and nose) we come to realise the secrets which hold families together and which, once dug up, can lead to their destruction.

Matt Haig's website
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by emira » Thu Oct 03, 2013 3:09 pm

today Indie Wire mentions this project as well! #excited#

David Fincher's 'Black Hole' Back On At Brad Pitt's Plan B, Slate Also Includes New Film From Taika Waititi
by Charlie Schmidlin
October 3, 2013 9:24 AM

(...) another literary property—author Matt Haig's novel “The Last Family In England”—is set to go. A tragi-comic tale featuring a talking dog's perspective on his human family's neuroses and affairs, director/actor Taika Waititi will helm the picture, having previously directed “Eagle vs. Shark” and the underseen “Boy.” No release date set yet either, but it's safe to say Plan B's upcoming slate is worth closely following for the near future.

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You can't break this heart...
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