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Loren (Horsley) Taylor

Rhys, Kristen, Arj, Taika, Nigel, The Phoenix Foundation, Eugene, Demetri, Aziz and more.

by devilinacardigan » Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:51 am

Katie wrote:
gezyka wrote:
Yeah, I forgot to keep posting those! [image]

I don't think Loren would mind that they're not all posted. They're pretty advertise-y.


I still love her, though!

They definitely made me want to go find some classes near me, that's for sure.
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by emira » Wed Jan 20, 2010 5:53 pm

It's an old one, but I've found some information new to me.

iW Profile | “Eagle vs. Shark” Star, Loren Horsley
by Brian Brooks (June 10, 2007)

Director Taika Waititi‘s comedy “Eagle vs. Shark” probably received one of the biggest Sundance compliments to be had… On an uber jam-packed party night, swarms of movie-goers and would-be movie-goers instead crowded the sidewalk in front of the Egyptian Theater on Main Street hoping to see the first feature from the otherwise relatively unknown filmmaker. For those who managed to get in, the laughs were plenty and it seemed everyone hung around for the Q&A following the feature, which Miramax will release in the U.S. on Friday, June 15. A heaping amount of praise was reserved for the film’s co-star, New Zealand actress Loren Horsley, who plays an awkwardly shy cashier at a fast-food restaurant who has a crush on an electronic store clerk who works across the way.

At the SXSW Film Festival in March, iW caught up with Ms. Horsley, who had been traveling since January with her friend Taika Waititi in support of the film.

I’ve known [Waititi] since I was 16,” said the very affable Horsley at Austin’s Four Seasons Hotel. “We live in a tiny community [in New Zealand] and have had a long creative relationship along with others including [co-star] Jermain Clement.” Horsley’s portrayal of the loveable Lily in the film left charmed festival audiences in Park City, Austin & Berlin in stitches, but she didn’t have to look far for her inspiration in playing the lead character. “I based her on people I knew in high school. I grew up in a conservative area and I just started her using that [background]. And then we just took it from there…”

Both Horsely and Waititi traveled the festival circuit with “Eagel vs. Shark” becoming temporary ex-pats in the U.S. and Germany, though Horsley looked forward to returning to home in New Zealand where she’s an active participant in the local scene. “At home, we have a film collective. It’s something we do that’s a passion for the community.” The collective is also an outlet for Horsley to nurture her inner-artist between more “official” gigs. “There are only a few scripts per year in New Zealand.”

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by sargifster » Tue Apr 13, 2010 3:20 pm

Acting like pigs, for a good cause


She found fame dressed as a shark, and now Kiwi actress Loren Horsley has donned a pig suit to protest against the use of sow crates.

Horsley, who starred in comedy movie Eagle vs Shark, said pig welfare had dropped off the radar after a flurry of publicity last year – but she wanted to change that. Though she was not a vegetarian, she tried to eat only free-range meat.

"I'm trying to convert my friends. I tell them they're eating sadness," she said. "It's remarkable that people can compartmentalise. They know these animals are suffering but they continue to eat pork."

Horsley took part in a 48-hour Freedom For Pigs vigil in Wellington's Civic Square at the weekend. Human volunteers took turns at experiencing life in a sow crate and dressed for the part.

Agriculture Minister David Carter last year ordered the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee to review the code of welfare for pigs after publicity about conditions the animals were kept in. That included an animal rights organisation showing comedian Mike King around a pig farm they had broken into. The farm was cleared of any welfare code breaches.

The draft code was made public last month. Under the code, sow stalls will be phased out completely by 2017. Submissions on the code close on Friday.

Green Party MP Sue Kedgley said 2017 was far too long to wait for phasing out sow crates.

A request to take a group of MPs through a pig farm was turned down by the New Zealand Pork Industry Board, she said.

"They're operating under a veil of secrecy."

Board chief executive Sam McIvor said half the New Zealand industry used sow crates.

He defended the seven-year wait before they would be phased out. Many farmers would have to get resource consent for bigger buildings, which was a lengthy process.

The request for a visit to a pig farm was turned down because of the risk of swine flu, Mr McIvor said.

"The only people allowed on to pig farms are people essential to the running of the business."

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by emira » Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:36 pm

Loren has changed her surname. You can find her profile in this actors' agency under her new name (Actors -> New Zealand -> All -> T).

And she has been working with Duncan Sarkies on Two Little Boys! #excited#

Many of the 70 Two Little Boys’ crewmembers were from Wellington, including producer Vicky Pope, editor Annie Collins, production designer Jules Cook, first assistant director Marc Ashton, costume designer Amanda Neale, make-up designer Linda Wall and actor Loren Taylor, formerly Loren Horsley of Eagle vs. Shark fame.




NZFC is happy to announce that the 6 Premiere Short films have now been decided by the appointed Executive Producer groups.

Tom Thumb Shorts:

Writer/Director: Loren Taylor
Producer: Ainsley Gardiner

Sonny, My Older Brother
Writer/Director: Tammy Davis
Producer: Chelsea Winstanley

http://www.tomthumbshorts.co.nz/greenli ... 02011.html

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