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A new name and a new look!

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by Amily » Wed Nov 30, 2016 8:45 pm

Hello to anyone who reads this. #wave#

I just wanted to give a little update on a few things that have changed lately...

As you may have noticed a little while back we changed our name from Flight of the Conchords Message Board to Fans of the Conchords Message Board. The main reason for the name change is that we all know social media is huge these days and since the tour was announced we've become pretty active on Twitter once again. We've always been @fotcmb on there and had been asked a few times by our followers what the mb stands for. It just didn't make sense to those who aren't members here or have ever visited our forum.

So, a few months back Courntey and I decided to change just our name on Twitter to Fans of the Conchords to help people realise more easily that we're a Flight of the Conchords twitter page. We used the name for a few months so people could get used to it. Finally, after many discussions about it we decided to go with @fotc_fans. Simple, easy and obvious. #haha# I think it's been about a month or a little more? I'm not sure but I'm used to it now and so happy we decided to change it.

The name change of the board itself came shortly after and then we thought, with a new name we should have a new and updated look which you're seeing now. We looked long and hard for a theme that was perfect for what wanted. It was really important to us that we found a theme that is mobile friendly as well since we all live on our phones now. :P Hopefully this new theme looks better on everyone's mobile devices than the previous one and makes the board easier to use.

Please let us know what you think! #grouphug#

There will probably be some other minor changes here over the next few weeks, just some tweaking of things. ;)
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