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Forum Rules **please read before posting

Please read the forum rules before making your first post. Thanks!

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by Amily » Sat Jun 12, 2010 12:41 pm

Hi! #wave#

Welcome to Fans of the Conchords Message Board formerlyknown as Flight of the Conchords Message Board. #aziz#

Here are just a few rules that we ask you please follow while posting on this forum.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message myself or any of the moderators. :)

#heart# Ami


1. Flaming against board members or other fans will not be tolerated. Keep in mind, we still want everyone to be able to express themselves and their opinions freely, but with discretion. This means no discriminating against people for their beliefs, race, sexual orientation etc. FOTC are amazing to their fans, and we can show our gratitude and make them proud by treating each other with respect and kindness.

2. Please DO NOT create threads and/or discussions about Bret and Jemaine's personal lives. We prefer to respect their privacy. This means no discussion about their wives, children or families in general. Threads and posts of this nature will be deleted without warning.

3. Everyone is welcome to post whatever they want. When posting articles, photos, videos or anything else that does not belong to you please try to give credit to the source whenever possible.

If you post member made material anywhere else on the internet please give credit to it's creator.

4. This message board is a place where any fan of FOTC is welcome to join in the discussion. This is not an exclusive group.
We welcome all new members and hope that everyone who joins this forum will eventually feel like it is home. :)

5. Please do not do anything on behalf of the group or the forum without speaking to us first. If a member has an issue with someone or something or wants to take it upon themselves to do anything in any way related to the message board or the Flighties as a group please PM myself or a mod.

6. Be sure to read these guidelines and follow these guidelines as well as the rules that you read when you agreed to the Terms of Use - when you first registered.

Thanks everyone! #grouphug#
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