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last night at the largo

2008 North American tour and all other 2008 gigs here.

by flippintalene7 » Tue Jul 01, 2008 11:15 am

so lol, ok we get there around umm...well, 4. and theres no one there. this guy comes out and is really cool to us. he says to come back at 7 for tickets or seating arrangements. so we go, eat and look around. we come back at 6:30 and theres a line of like 20 ppl. im like 'uck!! lol. but when we pass by the front, guess whos #1? LETI! lol, so we cut in with her and her mom. yay! so we're standing around. the front gates are closed and guess who should just come by oh so casually o his phone? Bret!! lol! at first i didnt even recognize him, he shaved his beard completely off . and then i almost pass out cuz jemaine comes by and is like "bret, hey bret, come on"
he totally saw me!! lol, i waved all retarded like, cuz i was so shocked. lol! but i dunno if he saw the waving part (better he didnt. i looked retarded.)
so then no more sightings while we wait. we get our assigned seats and he says to come back at 9. we're like...ok. so...me, leti , liz ,leti's mom, and my cousin start walking around. leti's mom wants to show us the back entrance area. so we start walking. now, we're on the side of the place, across from trashy lingerie. and guess who should come down the street??? omg. my heart literally stopped. i was like, omg, they are so close to me. they walked by us. leti's mom introduced herself. but we were all kinda behind her not saying anything. liz wanted me to give albi to them but i got so nervous. i was like no, i dont want to bother them. they look busy or something (they had bags of food) omg, i know jemaine purposely didnt look up at us cuz he knew if he did that we'd be all over him lol, smart move. i still dont regret it, you know? it just didnt feel like the right time. and then thats all about seeing them. they performed 2 brand new songs and left right after (they were the first ones on too) one was about a demon woman and the other was bret singing to jemaine about how he wants jemaine to stop selling his body on the streets!!! that song was awesome! and catchy, i had it stuck in my head all night...nw i cant even remember how it went. :( but oh well...they saidthey had just written them that day and jemaine was like "whoo, im actually kinda nervous to play these songs, sorry if we mess up"
it was really cute.
after the show, leti's mom, talked to flannigan and he came over to us and said how sorry he was that they didnt stay but that they're writing their new season and all. i dunno how he knew, but he knew about albi and he turned to me and was like "you'll just have to come back to give it to them" and i was like, ok! lol. he is such a cool guy!!

oh and a little side note, when we first got there, i asked one of the workers if i could take albi inside. hes like yea as long as its not a bomb. andthen he saw it and was like, well i dunno, hi dont think i should be letting something that angry inside. lol.
and then when we went back to stand in line, he was like, oh no! not that dinosaur again!
he was like, are you guys flight of the conchord fans? and we were like yea. he said, oh ok, i hate those guys!
we were like wtf? lol...he was funny but weird...
ok and thats the story of yesterday.

best birthday gift ever!!
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by step0nmi » Tue Jul 01, 2008 11:21 am

omg! you saw them and didn't give them Albi! you are just tooo sweet! I love how you said that it was a good thing Jemaine didn't look up...yes, he knows what those eyes would do to us ;)

awww...I'm soo glad that for your bday you got to hear two new songs! i bet you have a perma-grin! ;D

by Amily » Tue Jul 01, 2008 11:23 am

Great story Talene... and yis, what a way to start your birthday celebrations! I'm so glad you were able to make it, even if they did only play two songs. Also happy to hear you were able to catch a glimpse of them on the street... how sweet of you guys not to bother them while they were about to eat. I still wish you could have met them though... what a birthday present that would have been! ;)

Happy birthday Talene!
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by alexandriaj22 » Tue Jul 01, 2008 11:29 am

aw, that sounds so exciting! yeah, i don't think it was the right time to hand over Albi, but since seeing them around is becoming common for you, i'd say you'll have your time ;)
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by ohjeez » Tue Jul 01, 2008 12:11 pm

i'm glad you got to see them last night! what a great birthday present! ;D

you are so sweet! not bothering them while they walk around. ..i'm sure a lot of people would of acted differently. :)

i can't wait till you give them albi and they see how awesome he is! ;D
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by hellomyfriend » Tue Jul 01, 2008 12:12 pm

I'm soooooooooooooooooooo eager to hear the new songs. They wrote them in one day? They're working so hard! Poor things. Aw man, I love them so much!

*hugging Bret, Jemaine, and angry Albi*

:D :D :D
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by flippintalene7 » Tue Jul 01, 2008 12:14 pm

lol, remember part of the jemaine prostitute song.

bret: you dont have to be a prostitute. you dont have to be a man whore, a male gigalo.

i wish i remembered more. but it was super funny. he even got the crowd into it by letting us sing the male gigalo part. lol

oh and during the performance of that song. if you watched jemaine (like i was) he starts to lose his composure and starts laughing at what bret is singing. thats how you know a song is fresh. when the performers are still entertained by it! hahah!!!
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by Amily » Tue Jul 01, 2008 12:17 pm

Talene... wasn't the other song something about breasts on fire? ;D
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by flippintalene7 » Tue Jul 01, 2008 12:40 pm

yea...it was really funny, but i cant remember the lyrics, damn! sorry...maybe leti remembers.
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by leti » Tue Jul 01, 2008 1:42 pm

so, me and my mom headed out there as soon as she was able to get off of work and pay some bills
so we hit the the freeway and beat traffic but fricken got lost on la cienega

people who made the freakin streets in Hollywood need to get slapped, those things are soooo wack!!!
ok so we finally get to it and we circle around a lot, we drive by the back looking for someone to ask about parking.
the backdoor is open and who do i see on the stage doing a sound check, JEMAINE!!!!
i almost died in the car, i was like..OMG OMG OMG MOM THERES JEMAINE!!!
so we passed it again, and she wanted me to get out and go in there to ask but i got to nervous and asked some guy who walked out the door where parking was and he didnt know...ok, i am sure you want me to get RIGHT TO IT so i am going to skip some stuff..

so we were the first in line,and only ones in line for a while. and then more ppl start showing up, then fellow flighties!!!!
wait, before the flighties me and my mom stood in silence because we could over hear the guys doing a soundcheck..ok then about 5 to 10 minutes after, fellow flighties walked passed us
just as i was going to get up to go call them talene walked up from where she was, we greeted each other and stood in line for some more together. so as we are catching up and talking( we are behind a fence that is the entrance to the whole place) inside the place guess who walks outta the theater...the guys!!! so jem is walking trying to find a good way to exit i think,and bret is on his phones texting or something, but he seems really into it cause he walks right up to the fence not even looking up, well like 2 steps from the fence, talene is like flipping out and i am like holding albi and like...uhhhhh..so albi... and jemaine may have been asking for another way to exit or something cause he was back again behind bret walking towards the back some more and calling bret with him..bret, bret, ey bret..over here. without glancing up bret just turns around still on his phone and follows him (ok so bret is clean shaved..its why talene didnt recognize him.... and jemaine is till rocking the beard and messy do)

ok so we get our seats, we almost got row B instead of A but that got sorted out real quick...then we went to go see if we could find the guys....to our surprise.....we did....lol..ok so they are walking out of a restaurant down the street walking towards us who are on the corner of the next and we just stop, then take a few step in another direction then just stop.. i turn to realize my mom has crossed and is saying hii to them nothing major just a hey bret and hi jemaine and she shakes his hand....they walk past us but we dont want to like completely stop them cause we would most likely have said more than hi, and talene needed to give them albi...they had food in their hand and were with 2 friends so stopping them for a few minutes seemed rude since they were with people...but we were too amazed to even say hi...but..no regrets...i made a little rule to make us all feel better about freezing up...i think they got locked out cause the door they went to wasnt opening so they went around back...we went looking around for a restroom.went to taco bell..i ate a taco..then we went back in line. the guy at the door was soooo funny..he told us so you guys are FOTC fans eh? i cant stand those guys..then he started doing their accents and saying brit brit brit, jemaine, jemaine brit, hey brit, hey brit.hahahaha he told us we were going to really like them tonight and that bret looks extra pretty tonight.haha he even called flannigan and asked him about how bret looks tonight.

ok so we are going in, which was very confusing..they had 2 doors and it was really like, come on, just open both..
so we are in and the funny guy comes out and tells everyone to turn their phones and stuff off..if you have to txt your friend and tell them how awesome fotc is, dont.. .if you have to tell the person next to you how pretty bret looks tonight, take it outside..hahaha..and then the host came out. did some material. and then introduced the guys!!!

they came out, and jemaine sat at a bass drum with a notpad on top of it and holding his guitar bret sat in a chair with a music stand in front. they said they were nerveouse they just kinda played these in the afternoon and stuff like that..

they asid they were scientists and that they are testing them out on us before they test them out on actual people.hahahaha.
jemaine said he was nervous about playing the new songs, and hopefully there will be a smile or two in the crowd to know if anyone likes them.
the first song was about a evil woman that i guess jemaine is in a relationship with and some major things he said were about fire,stone,evil, and stuff..oh and about her flying off on her broom..and that sonething is made of fire

OH WAIT, i remember a line.
your turning my bones(or bone) into stone
..i cant really remember..but after he said that song was about his gf

i am thinking, it may be a song they use for that episode they said that might happen where one of them goes out with an Australian...just a thought

then jemaine started to talk about having financial problems and that he sometimes finds it hard . so what he has done is turned to male prostitution..
he doesnt plan out his budget well..

he has certain amount of money for certain things and he mostly overspends when it come to food.

he goes to a restaurant, eats..and when he gets the check he notices he has gone over on the amount of money has can spend for food.
so he has to go out on the corner that night and pay for it by selling his body.

bret tells him, just dont buy desert dont buy it dont buy the sundae..and jemaine said. you know me to well bret.
thats like telling, like telling a horse not t gallop.

but i pay for it you see, when i buy that desert i have to pay for it by selling my body.

bret tells him, well i have wrote a song about it jemaine maybe to shine some light on the issue

jemaine asked what key it was in so maybe he could play along.haha
and bret told him and then told him the chord progression and then they played it

the only lines i kind of remember
are the man on the corner, his pants are too tight. they are too tight.
but bret was singing in this kind of rasta accent

the chorus was you dont have to be a man ho.
you dont have to be a male gigolo
you dont have to be a man ho gigolo (other things that rhyme)

jemaine sang during some parts, i dont know a way out of it.

and bret had the crowd sing a long to the chorus during one part
we sang the you dont have to be a male gigolo part.

then they were done... later on the host teased us by
next flight of the conchords!!!!!!

im just kidding

ahhh, i got my hopes up and well yeah..haha

margaret cho turns out to be a huge jemaine fan!!!

she came out after the guys saying she would pay lots of money for jemaine.

ok so after the show we though MAYBE the guys might still be here.
so my mom asked flannigan if he knew if the guys left and he came over to us with her and apologized and said they left right after they played.
he is a really really sweet guy!!
so we walked towards our cars, said our goodbyes
and parted ways to go to our cars

(oh and to whoever watches or watched lizzie mcguire, that girl who played miranda was walking down the street, I SWEAR...dont know why but just had to throw that in..lol)

drove home, and witnessed my mom have her last legal conversation on the phone while driving..hahaha... i went home satisfied, happy, and having that second song stuck in my head..

joooo duhhhhnnnn havvve to beeeeee a mannnnn hooooooooooooo, OH NO!
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by hellomyfriend » Tue Jul 01, 2008 2:03 pm

leti wrote: ... bret tells him, just dont buy desert dont buy it dont buy the sundae..and jemaine said. you know me to well bret.
thats like telling, like telling a horse not t gallop. ...

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by hellomyfriend » Tue Jul 01, 2008 2:04 pm

ALSO: I love Margaret Cho!
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by SheWolf » Tue Jul 01, 2008 2:15 pm

Awesome stories. It seems the male gigolo song is the Roxanne-ish song they alluded to once so I doubt they wrote it that day.

Tight pants - uh huh.

Margaret Cho echoed my sentiments exactly.
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by hellomyfriend » Tue Jul 01, 2008 2:42 pm

Blogged by someone who went to last night's largo show:

" Flight of The Conchords (who I had no idea were going to be there until one hour before. my only gripe with them is deciding which one to stare at. Bret and Jemaine cause a new emotion in me that i need to invent a word for. it's a bizarre mixture of arousal and hysterics. HotSterics? Laurousal? I'll have to brainstorm. They gave us 2 new songs that delivered the goods.) "

source: http://thisiscynicole.blogspot.com/2008/07/new-improved.html
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by chloe » Tue Jul 01, 2008 4:03 pm

Aw man, I'd totally buy Jemaine's body. Mmmm. . tight pants.
Anyway, that sounds like an awesome birthday present, Talene. I can't wait till when we all get to hear all those new songs! :D
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