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Banter about the rhythm of the movement of the feel of the melody of the rhythm of the feeling of Bret and Jemaine's music. Here you will find the largest known collection of Conchords lyrics and chords.

by Amily » Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:40 pm

I'm not sure how many people still visit this place but if you start digging around you will find a lot of images that are no longer being displayed properly. Instead of the image that should be showing it is a photobucket image prompting the image owner to upgrade their photobucket account in order to share it. 8-)

Unfortunately, many people who have posted here don't log on anymore or no longer use their photobucket accounts. I'm sure none of us will be upgrading as, if I remember correctly it's $300-$400 a year to have the option to share. Gross.

For now most of the images should still be accessible by right clicking and opening them in a new tab.

Slowly but surely I will be going through the board and doing some fixing or removing of posts that are missing the images. If I know which image is missing and I think it's worth replacing I'll replace it myself but some images may be gone forever sadly. #sadlove#
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by emira » Wed Oct 25, 2017 5:07 am

My WOT website is a mess as well because of that *damn you photobucket*

Thanks Ami for your hard work! #glomp#
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