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dj´ing FOTC songs

Banter about the rhythm of the movement of the feel of the melody of the rhythm of the feeling of Bret and Jemaine's music. Here you will find the largest known collection of Conchords lyrics and chords.

by introinter2003 » Mon Jun 20, 2011 6:12 am

Well I´ve searched north to south and west to east into the board to find a post where I could talk about inserting "incognito" FotC songs in parties and such. As I can´t find any, I´ve decided to start one, so I can tell u about what I´ve done last friday in my friend´s party.

The matter is that I have a couple of friends (they´re actually a couple) with which my boyfriend and I use to organize dinner-parties for the four of us, it goes like this: One couple cooks the dinner, the other couple buys fine wine, we meet in one´s or other´s home, and have dinner, drink wine, talk about movies (they both had studied cinema) and then, when we are "happy" and there is no meal on the table, we dj (select music) in shifts, in order to show something new, or something that we want to share with the other 3, (hope this make sense, i´m finding difficult to translate this).

Soooo, last friday I decided I would dj some FotC music, as my friends didn´t know about them (i´ve talked many times with them about the series, but they haven´t watched/istened it). Of course, I told my boyfriend to shut up about the music authors as he knew them. I wanted that they could listen to the music with no reference of its procedence, u know, i wanted to give them a "blind tasting"

I started with "Fashion is danger", and they were like "oh, this sound very good, it´so ´80s, is something between David Bowie and OMD" #rofl# "it´s a fine afterpunk / new wave-like thing" hahah oh how I enjoyed #excited#

Then I followed with "Bowie", and they were "oh this is very Bowie, oh yes this must be Bowie it´s strange I haven´t heard it before" and I told them that, actually, the song was called Bowie, but it wasn´t Bowie, so they were "well so this must be some Glam group for the ´70" but as the song advanced, and they heard all that tributes to all the different bowie´s phases in the song they were going totally nuts. "that´s amazing, so cool!!!"

Then I decided to drastically change direction, and I played "Bussiness Time" wich they found to be something that Isaac Hayes could had played, so black soul music, so erotic #rofl# #rofl# #rofl# "Ladies of the World" and they were like yeah yeah some black soul music for sure (i´m sure Jemaine´s baritone helped here). I finished with "Most beautiful girl in the room" and They were like "so Prince lovesong! " (this time Jemaine´s falsetto helped too)

After I finished I told them that all the songs I´d played were from the same group, and their reaction was something like this: :o :o :o

Of course at the end I told them they had been listening to FotC serie´s music, "oh that series wich u had talked about so much lately" Yes this one #sadlove# #sadlove# ;D

So they asked me to show them the series as soon as possible, and I will for sure. #excited#

Obviously that experiment was possible because the can´t understand the lyrics, sometimes I love the lack of language teaching here ;D

Oh, and while we were dinnig I urge them to watch Taika´s movies too, and show them the 40 year´s music video (Phoenix Foundation u know), as I thought that they could find very interesting that it´s filmed in just one take, in a very long traveling (as they both are cinema graduates). They did.

I enjoyed very much the night, and i´m very excited about to wash their brains and make them hardcore flighties fans, hopefully #rofl# #rofl# #rofl#
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by onlyalways » Mon Jun 20, 2011 12:14 pm

That is awesome!! Sounds like the experiment went well. ;D When they were talking about what the song sounded like (or what Bret and Jem were parodying) they hit it right on the head!

You have some good friends. I say you should keep them. #happyyes# :P If they enjoy the music, I can't imagine them not enjoying the show.

I can only think of one time recently I tried to slip a Conchords song... it was at a party during a drinking game called "Boom". (There are some logistics, but when you overlap someone in the game, we'd scream "BOOM!" into their face and knock their drink over. XD) So I quick made a playlist of songs with "Boom" in the title. I think I had a grand total of three, so take a guess on what one of the songs was. #haha#

But by the time the Concord's Boom began to play (Which really would have worked perfect. Fun song for a fun game.) More people showed up and there was a pause in the game so I stopped it. Shoot.

We must be good at guitar... we're not that good.

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by emira » Tue Jun 21, 2011 7:57 am

You're very sneaky-cheeky Mon. I didn't know that, but I totally approve getting your friends into FOTC-Taika-TPF triangle fanzone. #thumbsup# #glomp# #love3#
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by introinter2003 » Wed Jun 22, 2011 4:29 am

#stirthepot# #five# hehehehe, Sylwia, i´m jumping in the brain-washing team

Coco (onlyalways right?) they hit just in the needle´s head, I mean, they were driven by B and J just to the place they intended to, which only reinforces my idea of FotC being real PhD in popular music of the last 50 years, they can catch the essence of any given singer/group and process it into their own machinery to finally obtain a hight quality product, which is totally faithful to the original one, but totally new at the same time. GENIOUSES! #clap# #clap# #clap#
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